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OLIVIDA is the name of the studio of Olivia and Livid.
We're creating things we want to see and touch everyday, with our love.

StatsPro for Battlefield 3

Online Game Utility - Version 1.0 - Released on Mar 20, 2012
StatsPro is your mobile companion for Battlefield 3. Brought to you by OLIVIDA, the developer of BC2Stats, we're big fans of Battlefield 3 just like you. We put efforts in the UI and it feels like a native extension of the game. And we'll be keeping updating this FREE app.

BC2Stats for iPhone

Online Game Utility - Version 1.0 - Released on April 16, 2010
BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2 is the BEST online multiplayer FPS. And this app let you check your detailed online play stats from an awesome Battlefield style interface on iPhone or iPod Touch. Detailed info including: Kills, Headshots, Accuracy, Dogtags, Wins, Losses, Weapons, Gadgets, Vehicles, Insignias, Pins, Achievements/Trophies and much much more.
The two at OLIVIDA are all BFBC2 fans so we made this with our love, for more info and screenshots please click the icon on the left. Data is powered by, the best BFBC2 stats site.
Watch BC2Stats 1.2 Demo on YouTube
New in 1.2: SPECTACT DLC support, veteran status, dogtags list, skill level, teamkills and accuracy fix!

Gomoku for iPhone

Board Game - Version 2.1 - Released on Mar 29, 2010
Gomoku is a board game originated in China and developed in Japan, this game is easy to learn, but to master the game you'll need to deploy sophisticated strategies. This game is a good choice when you're waiting for someone in subway station, you'll find time elapsing faster when you're playing this game. :)
We released 1.0 of Gomoku soon after App Store was opened, and 2.1 is the latest and greatest version gives you more challenges and beautifully designed boards.


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